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Ethanol And E85 - Fuels Of The Future?

Copyright 2006 Donovan Baldwin Pure ethanol or E100 is also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol. It is made when corn, grain, or other agricultural products are fermented, distilled, and denature........ Read More


$3.39 per gallon I paid for gas today 5-19-07 in Rio Rancho, NM. I heard some stupid citizen/person being interviewed on the news last night say that gas prices are no big deal and that she is getting........ Read More

Flex Fuel Vehicles: More Choices

Owning a flex fuel vehicle gives motorists options beyond high gas prices at the pump. Depending on the fuel’s availability and local taxes, you could save as much as one third at the pump by fuelin........ Read More

Give Extra Fuel To Your Website

Website Designers are well versed with every facet of website designing techniques. They are developers having vast information on developing various kinds of websites. Website development can be of a........ Read More

Are You Watching Your Fuel Guage More Than Your Speedo

Are You Driving on Fresh Air? Do you travel miles to save pennies on fuel costs? Do you watch your fuel gauge more than your Speedo? Is the rising cost of Gas strangling you? Fear not...Help is ........ Read More

Save Fuel, Save Money

The prices of gasonline or petrol increase daily, wherever you live in the world. The price of a barrel of oil has quadrupled since the beginning of the millennium. It went from about $20 a barrel to ........ Read More

Bio-fuels: The Fuel Of The Future

Biomass burning has an overall impact on the atmospheric chemistry as well as the climate. When there is a fire in the savannas, or tropical forests, or like the recent California fire, large quantiti........ Read More

Is Acura Missing The Alternate Fuels Boat?

While parent company Honda continues to bestow all of its hybrid technology on its Honda division vehicles, Acura is doing without any alternate engine sources to power their cars and SUVs. Instead, t........ Read More

Take A Fuel Stop: Take A Glass Of Water!

A while back a colleague kept on to me about drinking more water. At first this barrage of advice went in one ear and out of the other. At that time I just hadn’t realised what my modern day lifesty........ Read More

Scams Plague Fuel Customers

The rising price of gasoline has produced a surge of products that promise to provide relief at the gas pump. Unfortunately, most of them are rip-offs! Some are even dangerous, to your health or to yo........ Read More

What Will We Drive When There Will Be No Fossil Fuels Left?

Filled up your car at the pump lately? Did it pinch? Sure it did, with oil prices rising like the summer temperature there’s no respite. There is not much that our government can do about it, there ........ Read More

Cash Advance Payday Loans: A Fuel To Your Budget

Your regular income source might not be enough to sustain your budget consistently. It can be happened for many reasons, and can really lead to a situation of financial exigencies. Since, your payday ........ Read More

Finally, Alternative Fuel Engines Are Gaining Respect

In order for all of us to understand what is going on in the world about the high price of gasoline. Let us look at one mans quest to make the engine a better and cheaper running machine, a quick hist........ Read More

The Fuel Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression

In the 21st Century, it is predicted that stress and stress related illnesses such as depression and anxiety will become the biggest killers. Despite significant advances in housing, standards of liv........ Read More

How To Get The Best Fuel Economy

With gas prices still on the rise, getting the best possible fuel economy from your car is more important than ever. Over the long run, it can save you hundreds of dollars. Isuzu, the SUV and pickup t........ Read More


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